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Delete Outlook 2010 Shared Calendar items

So my scenario is i have Windows 7 PC's running Office 2010 and XP machines running Office 2007 (soon to be upgraded). However the users on Office 2010 cannot delete appointments in the shared calendars.
you get this stupid error that means nothing:

Some items cannot be deleted. They were either moved or already deleted, or access was denied
This error may be the result of trying to delete more than 4,000 messages at one time.  Outlook can delete no more than 4,000 messages when it is working with a server message store.
To avoid this error, delete fewer than 4,000 messages in a single operation.
It is also possible that you do not have the appropriate permissions to delete messages. If you need to delete content from a folder owned by someone else, contact the owner of the folder to obtain the necessary permissions, or have the owner delete the content for you.

It’s a simple fix for me.
Hold SHIFT and then right click , click delete , release SHIFT and click yes
or just click once on th…

Free Calls using Google voice on android phone!

I recently bought an android phone to use with my T-mobile Pay-as-you-go SIM. Im cheep and don't need a $100 a month phone bill so this work for me.

With WiFi almost every where i go, i don't need a data plan, i just use the Wifi.
I found a cool way to save even more minutes using the Google Voice for Mobile app over Wifi.

If you have a android phone, and are usually around a WiFi connection (home, work , etc), simply sign up for a google voice account, pick a number in your area code , give that number to whomever you want to be able to call \ recive calls from. next download the client by going to the GV-mobile site and requesting the link, or just find it in the market place download and install.
when you go through the setup, set it to always ask to use google voice.
Now when you make a call select google voice, and viola, you are now making free calls over VOIP.

Remote Defrag for XP

Thought id share this with you all. here is a simple application i wrote a while back to help setting defrag schedules on remote workstation.
Remote Defrage 2.1