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New Ceridian Update

the updateHot Fix 7.5.0-C can be a pain to do since you have to register a dll on a remote server. This may help with the process.

Create a .cmd file and input the following:

FOR /F %%I IN (clients.txt) DO call :COPYFILES %%I

IF %1 =="" Goto :END
psexec -u domain\user -p password \\%1 Regsvr32.exe /s \\ceridianserver\Source\BIN\PREPEMP.DLL

Save the .cmd file in a folder, copy psexec.exe into the folder, and create a .txt file with the name of all the clients you want to register (one name per line) change the "domain\user" and "password" parameters in the .cmd file and run. Each computer should get psexec exited with a status of "0", if you dont
get status "0" then something went wrong.