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Free Calls using Google voice on android phone!

I recently bought an android phone to use with my T-mobile Pay-as-you-go SIM. Im cheep and don't need a $100 a month phone bill so this work for me.

With WiFi almost every where i go, i don't need a data plan, i just use the Wifi.
I found a cool way to save even more minutes using the Google Voice for Mobile app over Wifi.

If you have a android phone, and are usually around a WiFi connection (home, work , etc), simply sign up for a google voice account, pick a number in your area code , give that number to whomever you want to be able to call \ recive calls from. next download the client by going to the GV-mobile site and requesting the link, or just find it in the market place download and install.
when you go through the setup, set it to always ask to use google voice.
Now when you make a call select google voice, and viola, you are now making free calls over VOIP.