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DPM 2012 Upgrade from 2010..

So upgrading is very simple, there are many different post on how to upgrade , and its mostly point and click, however there are some things you should do to "make it work", or maybe it was just me.

also depending on how large your infrastructure is, now backups can run until the whole process is done, that means you need your dpm server on 2012, and client agents on on 2012 (2003 servers may require a reboot)

1st backup your 2010 database
run your upgrade
once completed
reboot then BACK UP your 2012 DATABASE NOW! this will save you frustration later down the road, just put it on disk somewhere.

FYI, if your using the SQL that came with DPM, it does not include SP1 (yeah that's right), update this later.
everything will be out of sync begin sync them now.
if you remember setting the tape write period ratio along time ago, guess what, it dosen't exist any more in powershell
Set-DPMGlobalProperty –DPMServerName -TapeWritePeriodRatio

you now get to set it on every sing…