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Upgrading View 5.3.5 + to View 6.x

One thing to keep in mind when upgrading is that View 5.3.5 disables SSLv3 and TLS 1.0.
If you upgrade to View 6.x you will need to View 6.2.0 or 6.2, if you upgrade to 6.0 -6.1.1 you will be missing certain java components that have changed.

Looks like it is in the release notes:

Upgrading View 5.3.5 to View 6.0 is not supported due to JRE incompatibilities.
Workaround: Upgrade to View 6.1.0 or later

In-place Upgrading your 5.X ESXIi host to 6.X with Realtek drivers

Ok so after what should have been a simple 20 minute upgrade took 3 hours I'm writing the steps on how to upgrade your ESXi 5.X server to 6.0 in place and using the Realtek drivers
If you only have Realtek NIC's you are going to need to firm make sure you have a FAT16 USB stick that will work in your host. 

first get to a command line and run the following
/etc/init.d/usbarbitrator stop

Now insert your USB drive and run this command
esxcli storage core device list | grep -i usb

You should see something like "Local USB Direct-Access"
now run 
ls /vmfs/volumes
You should see a volume with 'NO NAME' as the title (if you do not, then your USB drive is probably not supported or not formatted with FAT 16. format the drive with FAT 16 or try a different USB drive till you get one that works)

Now that you have verified you have a Drive you can use on the host lets begin the upgrade.
First download the NIC VIB from here

View 6.2.1 Upgrade

So One thing to keep in mind is if you are doing a staged upgrade of View, you may run into some issues with older versions of the client, or older versions of the agent.
One thing that came up in my testing is if you are using PSG, and upgrade your servers first, you will not be able to connect. This has to do with the fact that TLS 1.0 is completely disabled by default. To fix this you must either enable it or upgrade your agents sooner.

It looks like they updated the documentation to show this.

VMware View and vsphere 5.5U3b cause composer issues

So one thing I wanted to make people aware of is that if you upgrade your host to 5.5U3b, you will break VMware View on version older than 6.2.

So why does this happen?
With the release of 5.5U3b VMware has disabled SSLv3

Older version of View utilize the SSLv3 to communicate with both vCenter and the ESXi hosts.

You may see errors such as:

| UFA main thread 16 | FATAL | CommonLib.UfaSubsystem.UfaWorkItem - UFA error: fail in open computer operation.
| UFA main thread 16 | INFO | CommonLib.UfaSubsystem.InitializeDiskUfaWorkItem - UFA error: fail to finish init disk operation for disk: datastore: [datastore_name] VMNAME1/VMNAME1-internal.vmdk, host: FQDN, port: 902.
| UFA main thread 16 | FATAL | CommonLib.UfaSubsystem.InitializeDiskSetUfaWorkItem - Error: CompletionCallbackProxy failed to init disk with result

If you have upgraded your host , you have 2 options.

1. Upgrade to View 6.2 or 6.2.1, thi…

VMware Access Point fails to start

Ran across an issue with access point the other day where it refused to start. After searching four hours found this post on editing the vmware_ap_supervisord file to fix the stale pid file issue.

View 6.2.1 Released

VMware View Security Server Dynamic IP update script.

To go along with my previous post
Im adding a new script for dynamically updating a security server.

Simply replace the cn=SEC with the name of your security
run the scrip on a schedule on your connection server as some one who has access to the ADAM database.


VMware Access Point GUI 2.0

Hi everyone, so I updated the script, added in some new features and  hope this works better than the last one for every one.

For a much Deeper Dive into VMAP, check out Carl's Blog:

Chang Log:

Added output box to show submissions (errors are still logged in powershell console)
Added pre-check on startup to verify you are on power shell 3.0 or higher
Added Get Current Info option to read current settings from VMAP
Added Proxy Pattern box to allow changing this to something other than default
Re-arranged submission boxs for better flow
Add tab ordering to allow tabbing through the fields in the natural order
Added Help button, pops up new window with instruction on how to use the script.
Cleaned up some of the code

Download Link Here

OSX Mavericks \ Yosemite on a T520 - i7 16GB 256GB SSD

So I was interested in getting OSX running my my T520. I had looked into this about a year ago with no luck, but now there is a great write up for it by the guys over at on how to do this.
After doing my own research to get the required parts , software etc I now have a core i7 , 16GB (ill explain later) , and a 250GB SSD that makes OSX scream on this awesome piece of hardware.
So to get started the first thing you are going to need is a whitelist bios patch for the Bios and can be found here: Get the 1.44 versoin and flash your bios per the readme included, once its flashed install a OSX compatible WiFi card.
Lenovo locks their laptops to intel only WiFi cards. Unfortunately there is little to no support for these on OSX so the best thing to do is replace it with a compatible card. These can be found on ebay for about $5. In my case I purchased a used Atheros AR5B9 for $2.…

VMware Horizon Access Point - Dynamic IP update powershell script.

VMware Horizon Access Point - Dynamic IP update powershell script.
Some of us do not have labs at work, a tend to like to test things out before deploying them into production. Since i have a dynamic IP i wrote this powershell script to update my VMware Horizon Access Point every day. Enjoy

To run my power shell script, since its not sighned , you have to allow power shell to run unsigned scripts
run to following to allow it to run
open power shell as administrator

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Update the following variables:
Find this line:
$pwd = ConvertTo-SecureString "P@$$w0Rd!" -AsPlainText -Force

replace P@$$w0Rd! with your actual password for the access point

Next find this line:
$cred = New-Object Management.Automation.PSCredential ('admin', $pwd)

replace 'admin' with the user you setup during install

lastly find $proxyDestinationUrl = "cs.home.lab"

replace cs.home.lab with the internal DNS of your home lab

That is the basic setup, you ca…

VMware Horizon Access Point GUI power shell script

I have created an Updated version 2.0, Please go Here for more info:
VMware Horizon Access Point GUI power shell script:
I wrote this script as an easy way update your VMware Horizon Access Point with power shell 3 or later.Enjoy

Created a Video to show how easy this is:

To run my power shell script, since its not sighned , you have to allow power shell to run unsigned scripts
run to following to allow it to run
open power shell as administrator

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Fill these out.

ProxyDestination URL = your connection server
ProxyDestinationURLThumbprint  = cert thumbprint, if you just put * its accepts all
PCoIP Enabled: check this box if your using PCoIP
PCoIP External URL = externally accessible IP for your access point
Tunneling Enabled = check this box
Tunnel external URL = externally accessable url for your access point, or IP
VMware Access Point IP = VMware Access Point IP
VMware Access Point Username = VMware Access Point Usernam…