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VMware View 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator - Part Four

Adding View to the Mix.
Now that we have (almost) everything setup on the Linux server side, we just need to finish the view configuration and the client portion.

Open up the View administrator, navigate to View Configuration > servers.
Select the Connection Servers tab
Select your Server and click the Edit button.

in the "Edit Connection Server Settings" pop up window, change 2-Factor authentication to RADIUS
Check enforce 2-factor and windows user name matching

On Select Authenticator Select New.

Update the fields with your information.

We are now down with the View Configuration.

download and install the google authenticator app for your device:

Now we sill set up the user to authenticate.
Open up a putty session to your ubuntu server.
su someADusername
you should now be logged in as that users
run gauth, this will generate the QR code to scann from the install app on your device.

From your device, select the…

VMware View 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator - Part Three

Installing Google Authenticator pbis-open and freeradius
Now that we have the VM and Ubuntu installed, we now need to install our packages.

First make sure you have a DNS record for the server in active directory, as we are going to need it. This must be done first!

Also create a AD security group named:

Once done, go back to your console and run the following:
sudo su
enter your password

apt-get update

apt-get dist-upgrade
say Y when prompted

apt-get install ntp
say Y when prompted

apt-get install ntpdate
should not prompt


Now we are going to install pbis-open for our connection to Active Directory

wget -O -|sudo apt-key add - 
wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pbiso.list 
apt-get update
apt-get install pbis-open
say Y when prompted

Once that completes we can Join our Ubuntu server to the domain.
domainjoin-cli join administrator@yourd…

VMware View 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator - Part Two

Installing Ubuntu 16.04
Now that the VM is powered on and you in the console window select English, then Install Ubuntu server.
(some times it appears that its frozen, this is just the client having issues re-drawing, close and reopen the console and your good to go)

Basic stuff here, choose English again

Select your country
don't detect keyboard layout (unless you have a non qwerty keyboard)
Finish selecting your keyboard layouts.
And wait for some stuff to load

You will be prompted to give your server a host name. Put in the FQDN you plan to use.

create a user, this is a local user so nothing fancy, and a password:

For the purpose of this demo I have chosen not to encrypt my home directory.
Select your time zone if the one that comes up is not correct.
Unless you know what your doing just use the defaults for setting up the disk.

Write your changes to the disk
Select Continue
And then Confirm.

Bunch of stuff will install.
You will be prompted for a proxy, if you do not have no s…

VMware View 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator - Part One

Ok so I though this was going to be a simple step by step process. Considering there is already a published document out there on this. However come to find out not only is this completely out dated, but half the stuff is wrong, Not only is this doc wrong in so many parts, but searching documentation on the internet is wrong as well.

However after several days of testing, and looking up error codes, and then re-testing and chasing rabbits down holes that led me no where I finally got this up and running, and I'm able to consistently reproduce the results.

I'm going to walk you step by step how to set this up for a single connection server for dual factor authentication.

Part 1 : Get Ubuntu 16.04 and install it!
Go over and grab the 16.04 LTS ISO  from (64 bit)
Download it, put it on a Share in your vSphere environment so you can build a new VM.
Once that is done lest build the VM. Always choose custom

Give it a Name
I decided to use HW version 8, just my preference.