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Horizon View 2-factor Authentication for Free! with Google Authenticator or others

So after quite a bit of work on my proof of concept google authenticator server, a colleague pointed out that LinOPT has already created this, along a whole slew of other options. So after spending a couple of nights reading and testing I figured id post a simple walk-through to get this up and running in your environment.

As mentioned in the title this is a Free solution , however if you are wanting to scale this in a large organization you would most likely want to explore their support contracts, this is a good fall back when things just don't work and this also help the developers keep this type of software free for the rest of us.

To start off we want to create 2 objects in Active Director. The first is just a standard user account LinOTP will use to connect to your domain. You can put these any where in your domain as we will access them directly later. In my case i create one called 'LinOTP Svc' and put it in the default Users OU.

Next create a Global or Universal S…

Google Authenticator Server - Proof of concept | VMware Horizon View or Identity Manager

Update 10/2017:  Since starting this project I was informed that such a thing already existed, so I will not be moving forward with this. You can use LinOTP in your enterprise environment.

As a continuation of my previous post I wanted to see if I could build a simple server to to allow users to generate google authentication keys, and authenticate to Horizon View.  After some research I was finally able to get a 'functional' server up and running and easily deplorable.

No going forward please realize as I said before this is a PROOF OF CONCEPT, you should not deploy this in your production environment, you have been warned (See notes at the end of this page), however if you want something to mess around with to build your own , here ya go.

To being your going to need an ubuntu server, see my original posts Part1 and Part2 to get a working Ubuntu server in your environment.(make the username gauth as it will make ruining the config scripts easier)

Once your have your ubuntu s…

Recovery of data off a Netgear Ready Nas NV+ SPARC edition

Ran into an issue where the NIC got fried on my Readynas , I had backups of most of the data through USB but some data (expendable) was not backed up.
However I still wanted to recover this data and found this post:

This actually worked with a few changes:

First remove your drives from the ready nas 1 by 1, and mark on each one the number it is starting from left to right ( 1,2,3,4)
Now place them in a PC and this is probably important , put them on each sata port in order, in my case my ports are 0,1,2,3.

Download ubuntu 1604 LTS desktop IS for ease of use
Down load Rufus to convert the ISO to a bootable USB

make sure you computer has internet access

boot the linux USB , choose try Ubuntu

once booted to the desktop open up a terminal
run the following:
sudo su
gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

This will open up the graphical txt editor, Add the following line to the end of the file

deb precise m…