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Historical Home Directory Usage

One of the issues we have to monitoring disk usage on our home directories. I needed a way to monitor who was using the most space, and to find out quickly who had used the most space most recently.

So to start out i have created a simple powershell script to get the entire home directory size, and put that information into a SQL database.

First i get a listing of all folders in the folder containing the home directories
then for each Folder, i get the total size, and send that info to SQL

Tables are setup [Name],[MB_Used],[Date]  , the date field is auto popluated

dir D:\homeDirs | ForEach-Object {
$colItems = (Get-ChildItem Z:\HOME\$_ -recurse | Measure-Object -property length -sum)
$DasName = $_
$DasSize = "{0:N2}" -f ($colItems.sum / 1MB)
$SqlQuery = "insert into dbo.TABLENAME ([Name],[MB_Used]) Values ('$DasName','$DasSize')"
$SqlConnection = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.S…

No standalone SP1 for System Center 2012

Thats right, many of us have been waiting for a standalone SP1 to upgrade our current SC 2012 implementations. However that could be a long wait since it will never happen.
Microsoft has decided not to create a downloadable SP1, you will have to download the entire ISO to do an upgrade, if you can upgrade.
DPM 2012 allows for an Upgrade
VMM 2012 does not allow for an upgrade, its a complete re-install
not sure about the others yet.

Upgrading SC DPM 2012 to DPM 2012 SP1

I am taking notes as i am doing my upgrade  to help any one who may have issues along the way.

Make sure windows is updated completely
Make sure you are doing your upgrade in the right order of SC products

Before upgrading you will need Update Rollup 3 for DPM, you can get it here
If you dont know if you have it, open you DPM console and click [ABOUT DPM]
you will get a Version : 4.0.1920.0 (correct version) if any other version upgrade
after the upgrade you will have to resync all your protection groups, If you did any modifications to the database you will re do it, IE: suspect tape removal, or Over due tape removal.

Since im already upgraded i can move forward.
Quick notes about my setup:
 Single server : 2008 R2
 SQL: 2008 R2 SP1
 8GB memory
 Dual Intel E5530 Processors

Since im doing an UPGR…