VMware View 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator - Part One

Ok so I though this was going to be a simple step by step process. Considering there is already a published document out there on this. However come to find out not only is this completely out dated, but half the stuff is wrong, Not only is this doc wrong in so many parts, but searching documentation on the internet is wrong as well.

However after several days of testing, and looking up error codes, and then re-testing and chasing rabbits down holes that led me no where I finally got this up and running, and I'm able to consistently reproduce the results.

I'm going to walk you step by step how to set this up for a single connection server for dual factor authentication.

Part 1 : Get Ubuntu 16.04 and install it!

Go over and grab the 16.04 LTS ISO  from ubuntu.com (64 bit)

Download it, put it on a Share in your vSphere environment so you can build a new VM.

Once that is done lest build the VM.
Always choose custom

Give it a Name

I decided to use HW version 8, just my preference.

Make sure you choose the correct OS

Since this is a POC and going to be very light weight, I'm using 1 CPU and 2GB of memory.

I always use VMXNET3, and put it on a port group that is accessible by the active directory domain controller and the View connection server as they will both be talking to this server.

Choose the default on SCSI controller
Create A new Virtual Disk
16 GB (Default) is just fine for what we are doing.
SCSI (0,0) is fine

Make sure you check edit the virtual machine box at the end:

Select your Ubuntu server ISO on the CD/DVD drive, and i remove the floppy controller.

Go ahead and start up your new VM, open a console and we will begin with the install of Ubuntu.


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