VMware View 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator - Part Two

Installing Ubuntu 16.04
Now that the VM is powered on and you in the console window select English, then Install Ubuntu server.
(some times it appears that its frozen, this is just the client having issues re-drawing, close and reopen the console and your good to go)

Basic stuff here, choose English again

Select your country
don't detect keyboard layout (unless you have a non qwerty keyboard)
Finish selecting your keyboard layouts.
And wait for some stuff to load

You will be prompted to give your server a host name. Put in the FQDN you plan to use.

create a user, this is a local user so nothing fancy, and a password:

For the purpose of this demo I have chosen not to encrypt my home directory.
Select your time zone if the one that comes up is not correct.
Unless you know what your doing just use the defaults for setting up the disk.

Write your changes to the disk
Select Continue
And then Confirm.

Bunch of stuff will install.
You will be prompted for a proxy, if you do not have no say no
Next screen is to install security updates , i choose automatically

When you get to the package selection, the only thing we want is 'Stand system utilities and OpenSSH server

And you will get some more packages installing.
It will prompt you to install GRUB on the boot loader, say yes

The VM will reboot and you will be at the command prompt.
remove the CD rom as we dont need it any more.
now log into the VM.

From the command prompt run the following:
sudo su
enter your password
vi /etc/network/interfaces

Change your network setting to what is required for your network for example:
iface ens160 inet static

Save your changes

cat /etc/hosts
and verify that you see an entry of   servername.company.com    servername

if not add it now

then reboot

once rebooted grab Putty and connect to your server:
accept the new certificate
and you should now be at a command prompt.

Got to Part 3 to Continue.


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